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How to Apply/Join Us
In the upper right corner of our home screen is an "APPLY" button. Click that, and it will bring you to a "create SHIVTR account" screen. Make an account, and then an application will appear. Fill that out to the best of your ability. Shortly after, your application will be approved, and you will be contacted by [TB] Byron, who will get you integrated into the clan!

Before doing all this, please go over the "APPLICATION INFORMATION", the "WHO WE ARE", and the "RULES AND STRUCTURE" pages directly above.
Byron Cavendish / Aug 12, 2018
*UPDATED 8/13*

We will be offering a new RP to participate in. The setting will be Middle-Earth, from Tolkien, called "The One Ring". All RP books and material are available in the dropbox. We will have no limit on the number of participants. The only restriction character wise is no evil characters like Wormtongue, or Bill Ferny. If you're interested, start thinking about a character you want to make. As long as it's a well conceived concept that fits with the lore, you should be okay.

The RP will begin Saturday, 8/25 at 1 PM. Your character needs to be ready by then. I am always available to help with character concept and creation, just come find me on TS.