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Byron Cavendish / Dec 04, 2017
The Destiny 2 expansion is dropping tomorrow, so make sure to pick it up if you haven't already. We're going to be hammering through that juicy new content all week like Franck with mojitos.

We have a few new applicants, so welcome to Chapster, Zag and Chris! Please introduce yourself if you see them.

I'll be in Montreal hanging out with Parth and Franck this weekend, and won't be on from Friday until Monday. So if I'm needed shoot me a message through the site or my email.

Byron Cavendish / Oct 27, 2017
So Destiny 2 is the new "in" thing, probably will be for awhile. If you don't have it, go check it out. If you do have it, make sure to let me know if you haven't been added to our in-game clan.

Now, being that this is the spiffy, new "in" game, there will be a lot of people playing it. Which is a great opportunity for us to recruit while it's popular. I know it's not fun, but helping to keep our recruitment thread helps us get new blood. So please, at least once a day go bump the thread. I'll put a link for it right here, but you should also be able to see it on the left side panel on our home page, under "RECRUITMENT THREADS". One sentence is more than enough, just say something nice about the clan or start a weird discussion that we can keep going.

I appreciate the help!
Byron Cavendish / Sep 06, 2017
Our Starfinder RP will begin Sunday, Sept. 17th at 4pm EST, 1pm PST. Please have your characters ready by that time. If you will miss a session please post it in the new Starfinder section of the forums. Two in a row misses of a session will remove you from the current story arc. We will use the forum to post updates about the RP and roll20, so it's up to everyone involved to stay attentive.
Byron Cavendish / Jul 27, 2017
We are going to be hosting a new tournament in Blood Bowl 2. Anyone is welcome to participate, new players to BB2 are encouraged. This is just a fun and casual tournament, with no stakes. It will be in a round-robin style with weekly games.

I need to know the exact amount of people that want to participate to set it up, so we're going to have a sign-up running until August 1st. Just post here if you want to participate to cement your spot in the tourney!
Byron Cavendish / Jul 17, 2017
I want to start a new recruitment wave, and I have an idea for a few games we are playing to start recruiting in. Before I do, I want to hear suggestions from you guys on what games we should recruit in. I'll use the most popular suggestions to start that new recruitment wave, and I'll expect everyone to pitch in. So now is the time to get your favourite CO-OP game bumped into the spotlight, so post it ASAP!
Byron Cavendish / May 06, 2017
I made this clan three years ago with only Franck and Parth behind me, and a vision. A vision of a better way of doing gaming clans, where friends and family were made.

I'm proud of what this clan has become, and that we stuck to that vision. I don't have much of a blood family anymore, but every member here is a true brother to me.

Thanks to all the members of The Brotherhood for joining the clan, and joining the family!