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Rules and Structure

Everyone should be well mannered with each other and strangers. No fighting, bickering, or antagonizing. Lose and win with grace. In matters of dealing with trolls, don't argue with them, ignore them.

Accept that "shit happens". Let things go. I never hold anyone's performance against them if they did their best, I expect the same attitude from everyone.

Members and applicants must stay active on the forums, teamspeak and in-game. Post if you will need vacation or away time, so that we don't think you disappeared or lost interest. An uninformed inactivity period exceeding 30 days can lead to expulsion.

Basically, we're all adults and I'm going to treat everyone like that. I don't want to babysit anyone, so just don't act childish, and you're good by me!


The Brotherhood consists of three ranks.

The first rank is "Founder", leader and founder of the clan. I reserve the right to have a final say in any decisions and matters involving the clan.

The second rank is "Brother". We will accept a maximum of 19 Brothers. The Brothers represents both officers, and members in The Brotherhood; they are one and the same. A Brother has my utmost trust, as well as all of your brothers and sisters. That means you can be trusted with the rights and privileges that other clans would reserve for officers only.

The third rank is "Applicant", the starting position in the clan.

There also exists a non-member affiliated rank, which is "Honourary Brother". A honourary brother is not actually a member of the clan. It is a title earned by individuals who are friendly, some what active individuals who want to be around from time to time. The rank gives these individuals access to our forums and teamspeak.