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Who We Are
The Brotherhood is a gaming fraternity and family. We are more than just a loose collection of people playing one game. The Brotherhood is a unit of like-minded individuals who seek friendship, trust and fellowship. For us, playing video games together is just "icing on the cake".

The Brotherhood, and it's name, was inspired by a close friend of mine- Timmy Blumer (also known as "TimmyB"). Timmy taught me that a clan can be more than a collection of gamers. That they can come to be life-time friends, even a second family. He gave everything he could to support those he considered his friends, and he treated us all like real family members. When Timmy succumbed to brain cancer, the loss devastated me. It taught me to cherish those friendships, and to show others what he showed me. His name will be honored through our actions, and is represented in our clan tag "TB".

In Memory of Timmy R.I.P. 1981-2014

The symbol of the Brotherhood is the hydra. The hydra symbolizes that though we may have different faces, we represent one body, and that the actions of one head represent the whole.

-Byron Cavendish