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(Feb 01, 2018)
happy birthday TimmyB...
(Jan 29, 2018)
happy b day guys
(Jan 29, 2018)
happy birthday franck
(Jan 28, 2018)
well gee thanks
(Jan 28, 2018)
happy birthday ace
(Jan 27, 2018)
(Jan 27, 2018)
(Jan 27, 2018)
you mean SWTOR?
(Jan 25, 2018)
There are rumors that they will stop developping for KotOR
(Jan 11, 2018)
That sounds worth picking up
(Jan 10, 2018)
It's a lot like other RPG's with AC elements. Very similiar in a lot of ways to witcher 3.
(Jan 10, 2018)
Mostly new, but with enough of the classic to be familiar. I really like the RPG elements they added.
(Jan 10, 2018)
More like the classicals? Or something new?
(Jan 10, 2018)
I've been enjoying it as well
(Jan 09, 2018)
I really like it. Which was a good surprise. I had given up on AC, and then got this on a discount so I decided to try it.
(Jan 07, 2018)
How is it? I assume very good if you disappear for week ;)
(Jan 06, 2018)
aw dude nice glad to hear it finally came in!
(Jan 05, 2018)
Sorry, i haven't been on much in the last week. I got AC: Origins for console, and have been lost in that
(Jan 01, 2018)
Happy new year from the future guzs
(Dec 26, 2017)
Happy Holidays people! <3