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(Jan 10, 2018)
I've been enjoying it as well
(Jan 09, 2018)
I really like it. Which was a good surprise. I had given up on AC, and then got this on a discount so I decided to try it.
(Jan 07, 2018)
How is it? I assume very good if you disappear for week ;)
(Jan 06, 2018)
aw dude nice glad to hear it finally came in!
(Jan 05, 2018)
Sorry, i haven't been on much in the last week. I got AC: Origins for console, and have been lost in that
(Jan 01, 2018)
Happy new year from the future guzs
(Dec 26, 2017)
Happy Holidays people! <3
(Dec 25, 2017)
Merry Christmas guys
(Dec 23, 2017)
have a merry christmas season y'all, won't be on next couple days because Family Time but we'll see
(Dec 21, 2017)
(Dec 21, 2017)
Byron likes you. That's never a good sign
(Dec 20, 2017)
I'll fix it asap sir chappie!
(Dec 20, 2017)
I don't seem to be able to post in the "Post Here if you will be away" section fo the forum so i figured I'd do it here. I will be away for the holidays from Dec 23-28. Just a heads up.,
(Dec 15, 2017)
I enjoyed Rogue One, but thought VII was not good
(Dec 15, 2017)
i honestly can't say like it was so mixed for me
(Dec 15, 2017)
Worth it or not? Haven't watched it yet
(Dec 15, 2017)
saw Last Jedi.... not sure what I think about it
(Dec 12, 2017)
Welcome back ye guys
(Dec 12, 2017)
We're baaaaack