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Submitted on: Feb 28, 2017 at 03:55 PM
What is your Blizzard tag, paragon name, and/or steam name AND your steam url address? (To find this, go to steam>settings>interface>click show url bar. Then click your name on steam>profile>copy the address on your profile)

Midnight223 on PSN/paragon

What timezone and country are you in?

United States, EST

How old are you?


Why do you wish to join The Brotherhood?

If I am being honest, I mainly play paragon with 2 of my real life friends, otherwise I solo queue. I tend to play more often than them, and would love to have some consistency of who I play with and when. I am currently battling elo hell, and cannot break out of it. I was in low gold a week ago, and mid-high gold in early access and open beta. It would be nice to have some people to play with on a consistent basis.

Do you fully understand the rules, structure and requirements of The Brotherhood?

Rules, structure, and requirements are very straightforward.


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I could not find you on steam can you add me, this is my account
For paragon I am called franckmeloni
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