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Submitted on: Mar 01, 2017 at 08:40 AM
What is your Blizzard tag, paragon name, and/or steam name AND your steam url address? (To find this, go to steam>settings>interface>click show url bar. Then click your name on steam>profile>copy the address on your profile)

i don't have any of thoese other accounts.

What timezone and country are you in?

i am in est and from USA

How old are you?

29 going to be 30 this nov.

Why do you wish to join The Brotherhood?

i saw yur recruitment ad on blackwake and it sounded pretty good to have a brotherhood and not just hundreds of random people. :)

Do you fully understand the rules, structure and requirements of The Brotherhood?

yes i do sen pai!


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Don't call Byron senpai, he might start to think you're his dog. At least that is how it went for me...
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