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Submitted on: May 22, 2017 at 03:34 PM
What is your username for your Blizzard tag, paragon name, steam name/url address (or any other game system not listed here)?

Usual name is SpiritDoctor

What timezone and country are you in?

United States, EST

How old are you?


Why do you wish to join The Brotherhood?

I've never found a group or organization dedicated to gaming that is serious about gaming, yet can laugh at itself, but doesn't turn a blind eye to harassment. I want to join the Brotherhood because it seems like that perfect place for gamers seeking that community.

Do you fully understand the rules, structure and requirements of The Brotherhood?

I understand that I am subject to dark humor and situations, but that I have a right to stop said behavior if I believe it is crossing a line, but only when directed at myself. I understand that being involved in this community is necessary, and I am excited to do so. I fully understand all other rules, structures, and requirements.



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