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generic answer to sound as great as possible

Submitted on: May 30, 2017 at 03:38 AM
What is your username for any of the following (if it pertains): Blizzard tag, steam name url address.

blizzard kubitron steam dr.claw1

What timezone and country are you in?

canada alberta edmonton like western time? i think

How old are you?

25 and a couple months

Why do you wish to join The Brotherhood?

I play alot of games that alot of my friends never seem to be interested in. Exploration games and well games that always have looked funner when you have a group or were easier to play with more people. Example being the worlds adrift game that just came out. I've been playing a good amount of that but hey its a team based game and as much as I've thought about asking people if they want to join up with me. I tend to not feel I can trust them not to lead me out into nowhere and pillage me if that makes sense? Oddly enough i make friends easy enough whether its some poor dude wanting a tow or someone commenting on how nice my ship is. But I digress from the situation that I was explaining. I also enjoy games like naval action or war thunder or elite dangerous just big games that are always more fun with people who play them with you if you catch the idea. To have people who are you know wanting to be decent chaps and just play some games while cracking a joke or 2 sounds quite appealing to me as well as the fact that this society or clan as some would call it, is bound by some dang steadfast rules which means theres alot of trust and comradeship among the ranks so to speak. I hope this clears up alittle of what I'm thinking if not just ask anything else and I'll give ya a honest answer.

Do you fully understand the rules, structure and requirements of The Brotherhood?

Yea I mean I read through it all. Its basically dont be a complete loser to your team mates. Respect and dont be a bully to anyone including other non members ect. Just all in all be a human bean full of civil manners with the obviouds capacity for the odd joke or two lol. Other then that just be a person that frequents forums on this site play some games let people know if you have to go use the washroom for the next 2 weeks straight because of the burritos you ate for lunch so they can understand the prolonged delay where you disappeared from the earth. Its pretty clear I would think. But I will conclude by saying I also read why this clan was made and well my condolences he sounded like a great person if I could have met him I would have loved to have shaked his hand and sat down for a chat.

Either way have a good day and maybe we will be talking soon thanks again.



Huh if I had known that main character was literally the title to my application I think I might have changed it considering I thought it pertained to what I thought of myself as the best part of myself or my main character. By the by My steam name may be Kubitron3000 not just kubitron so that this misinformation can be cleared up before it becomes a problem.
How could I turn down a fellow Albertan? Welcome!
Huh, I like this guy already.
😁Well thanks for the warm invite guys! Awesome to know. I have given a smiley to show my emotion about the situation and hopefully it will appease the brethren of the court.
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