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Warlock, but all 3 over 330 light.

Submitted on: Jan 06, 2018 at 09:48 AM
What would you like us in the clan to call you? Please make this your account name and teamspeak name as well.

I have played many PC games on and Steam and usually make characters with the name Totes. So, that would be fine.

Please provide any of the following contact information, if it pertains to you: Blizzard tag (with the # and numbers), steam name INCLUDING your steam url, and/or any other usernames you may use. - Totes#1982
Steam User name - Jevans5746

What timezone and country are you in?


How old are you?


Why do you wish to join The Brotherhood?

I am currently in a clan of a couple RL friends. However, with Jobs and them having children its a bit difficult to play at the same time. However, I do want to find a clan / guild that is able to join up for missions / Heroic strikes and adventures to get daily and weekly quests / milestones complete. I am a bit of a completionist when it comes to seeing those icons on the editor and getting them done :D.

With that being said, I do NOT want to play at a pace that is too much. I work a full time job 8-430 M-F and cannot be raiding every day until 1 am. I simply will not do that, I like to play as much as I can, but I do things with the GF or watch football on the weekends, etc.

Basically, I am looking for a relaxing group of people to get some Clan XP with or join up when people are available to do stuff, nothing hardcore. My hardcore gaming days are over, that was a while ago with certain games like (WoW and GTA Online, etc).

Do you fully understand the rules, structure and requirements of The Brotherhood?




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