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Submitted on: Jun 07, 2018 at 12:02 PM
What would you like us in the clan to call you? Please make this your account name and teamspeak name as well.


Please provide any of the following contact information, if it pertains to you: Blizzard tag (with the # and numbers), steam name INCLUDING your steam url, and/or any other usernames you may use.
MrMadpup#1579 (Blizzard)
MrMadpup (Playstation: Destiny 2, Overwatch)

What timezone and country are you in?

Eastern (Currently in Daylight Saving Time)

Why do you wish to join The Brotherhood?

I joined the Inquisitor - Martyr Cabal 'The Brotherhood' because the cabal statement is [pretty much] in line with my approach toward gaming. I want to enjoy the game but not rush through it. I also prefer helping other players rather than winding them up and making their experience less enjoyable.

Do you fully understand the rules, structure and requirements of The Brotherhood?

I have read and understood the aforementioned items and agree to the terms set forth therein.



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